I love to make art (and stickers and shirts)!

My whole life, I've loved nothing more than making art; drawing, doodling, painting, paper folding, crafts. I did anything I could do to express myself creatively (that also kept me busy and out of my parents hair).

At school, I was a pretty good student, but I spent more time drawing in notebooks than actually paying attention in class. When it came time to attend university, I desperately wanted to become a music major to pursue one of my other passions (singing), but the schools I ended up being accepted to had uninspiring music programs. So, I did what I thought was the sensible choice and got an undergrad in graphic design.

The classes weren't bad (albeit not as focused on the mediums I really loved), and I became skilled at creating artwork using a computer (as well as tweaking my hand drawn work). After graduation, I got a job in a marketing department of a medium sized business, and I spent several years performing the (somewhat soul crushing) task of creating corporate art entirely to the standards of others.

After my 2nd daughter was born, I decided I was done with that; life is just too short. So I started Sol & Luna, with the hope of being able to express myself creatively, save what's left of my spirit, and find a way to help my budding family.

Every purchase you make from my store helps support that dream, and I humbly and deeply appreciate it.

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